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“If I die or can no longer care for my son, I want to be sure that his guardian knows what I know, and has the resources to help my son live a good life.”

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Future Guardians Trust

is for parents whose children:

  • Are likely to be employed as adults.
  • Need ongoing services such as specialized coaching, tutoring, counseling or mediation.

  • Will not apply for government benefits.

Future Guardians Trust

comes with a Future Guardians Guidethat helps parents articulate and record everything they know about their child’s care – so guardians are knowledgeable and fully-equipped to assume caregiving in a manner that’s consistent and comfortable for the child.


Future Guardians Trust

may be funded with life insurance, if necessary.


Future Guardians Trust

is not a Special Needs Trust and is different than a traditional estate planning program.


Critical Assets and Support for your Child’s Future Guardian


You give your child with a disability the love and care nobody else can. Imagine what would happen if you could no longer be there for them. What then?  Future Guardians Trust gives you the peace of mind and freedom of knowing your child with challenges, and the future guardian you choose, will have much-needed resources.

Who needs a Future Guardians Trust?

A Future Guardians Trust is for families who have dependent family members with disabilities or special needs – especially for diagnosis’ that don’t qualify for government benefits. This includes:


Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome

ADHD and learning disabilities

Tourette’s Syndrome and other conduct disorders

Brain injury disorders

Giftedness needs

And many other personality disorders


Future Guardians® Trust

a new way to protect your guardian choices and equip your child’s future caregiver


Future Guardians Program and Trust

Your WILL is not enough to protect the welfare of your disabled child

All wills must be processed by the probate court. Your stated wishes for the care of your child with a disability will be especially scrutinized by the court. The court can act in two ways you may not have anticipated.

For one, it can tie up your assets indefinitely in probate, regardless of what your will says. Those are precious assets your family will need right away.

A second, more troubling reality is that a probate court can exercise its authority over the guardianship of your child with disabilities – in spite of your stated wishes. It has the power to do this if it determines your future guardian does not have adequate resources to assume responsibility for your child. But there is a way to avoid this legal tangle.


A Future Guardians Trust gives you more control over the future care of your child

A Trust bypasses probate court by allowing you to name a Trustee to act on your behalf. A Future Guardians Trust gives you ultimate control over the transfer of assets to the caregiver who loves your family enough to step up in your absence. It gives you more ‘say-so’ over the future care of your child.

Online guardian reference guide gives you added peace of mind

If your children must ever live without you, they should at least be comforted by all the special things that only you knew. From years of loving care, a parent knows each child’s routines and individual needs, like:

  • Special education and learning style
  • Food sensitivities
  • Daily routines and physical comforts
  • Triggers and responses to health conditions

The Future Guardians Guide helps you conveniently capture and update this information online so a future caregiver knows exactly how to manage your child’s special needs.

Now You Can
Be Sure The
Resources to
Care For Your
Child With A
Disability Will
Always be


1. Fill out Guardian Guide

2. Create a Future Guardians Trust

3. Fund the trust with insurance, if necessary

4. Name your Future Guardian

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